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 [Guide]Forgotten Prison(In progress-Still Usable)

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[Guide]Forgotten Prison(In progress-Still Usable) Empty
PostSubject: [Guide]Forgotten Prison(In progress-Still Usable)   [Guide]Forgotten Prison(In progress-Still Usable) EmptyWed Nov 30, 2011 6:59 am

**NOTE: This is for people that want to attempt Forgotten Prison but do not know if they are ready for it and also for people who have no clue about the fights or if they are geared for it.**

Well, many people have now hit 70 and want to run Forgotten Prison. Before you can just run into Forgotten Prison thinking you will down it the first time fresh out of your 40-60 gear, there are some things you should know.

Things you should know before entering Forgotten Prison:
-You should have at least 15k base hp(meaning unbuffed) before going into Forgotten Prison. With 15k hp or less, you can still get 2 shotted by a boss.
-You should have a least high level 60s gear or very good low 60s gear. Even some 70 pieces would be nice.
-This isn't an easy instance that you will just walk into and blow through. You have to make sure you pay attention to what the boss is doing and make sure you watch out for things that could possibly kill you.

Now onto the boss fights.

-Captain Cook:
This is the first boss you will meet once you get into Forgotten Prison and down the mobs. He is not super hard; for the most part he is a tank and spank. Sometimes throughout the fight, he will pop swift evasion, and just like a sin, it makes him pretty much impossible to hit. He will also randomly shoot someone in the party twice doing a decent amount of damage (One of the reasons you need 15k hp). Once you down him, continue on clearing the trash.

-Patrick Ironwhip:
This is the second boss you will meet. He is one ugly boss, and probably one of the toughest you will fight in here. There are multiple ways to do this fight. The easiest is to pull the boss out of the room he is in and down the hall a bit so that the people in the small circular room will not get hit by his AoE. Now to explain how the boss works: He will randomly throw a person into the cage in his room. When someone is thrown into the cage, they have to jump to get out of it, and the boss will throw them in a second time shortly after they get out. When the person is thrown into the cage, the boss will spawn hydras. This is where it gets hard. Whenever the hydras hit someone, they stack a buff called dissolve. This buff lowers your defense, causing you to take more damage. What is suggested is the boss is tanked outside o f the room he started in over by the stairs you came down. Two AoEs that do good damage go into the room and take the hydras as they spawn. The priest stands in the middle healing the AoEers, the tank and the people dpsing the boss. Also, Ironwhip has an AoE that will hit everyone except for the AoEs with the method mentioned above. It does a fair amount of damage so the priest should make sure to keep their shield up on themselves at all times.
Another way to beat this boss is just to tank him in the room, AoEers take down hydras when they spawn as well as DPS the boss when there is downtime. This method is harder as you need a really good healer.
After Ironwhip is killed, there will be a hole that opens in the side of the wall. There will be some mobs in there to pull and all the way down the hall, will be the boss. Pull him to Ironwhip’s room once you have cleared the trash.

-Nergal The Corruptor:
This boss is fairly easy as well if it is done right. Throughout the fight, this boss will inflict you with two acids. The first one is weak acid which makes you immune to strong acid so you will want to get as many stacks of this as possible. The next acid is strong acid which will inflict damage to you if you do not have enough weak acid. What strong acid does is it does damage over time to you, and it does quite a bit of damage as well. So how do you beat this boss? Once he is pulled into Ironwhip’s room, just have everyone stack on top of the tank and kill him. From that point on it is just pretty much tank and spank. After he is down, clear the trash and head through the gate and up the stairs clearing the trash as you go along.

You will eventually meet up with this guy. He is the next boss. This boss will randomly summon mobs that should be killed when they are summoned by an AoE or DPS. He will also randomly stun people. The tank should just tank him like normal. He also has a few other moves you should be aware of. He has a debuff aura called chaos aura. It will either take away health from you or give health to you. It is nothing huge, but just something you should be aware of. He can also sleep the party with lullaby. He is not too difficult compared to the other bosses. Once he is down head downstairs and down the hall towards the next boss.

You have finally made it to the last boss in the instance. One thing you should know before entering his chamber is to make sure everyone is in before you aggro him as the gate closes when he is engaged. Now, this guy can be tough. He can be either harder or easier than Ironwhip. When you enter the room, have the tank engage him and have the ranged DPS and healers be at maxed range from Kluer. This is so they do not get hit by his AoE. Every once and a while Kluer will shout something (It will be at the bottom of your screen saying something about a thunderstorm or earthquake). The melee DPS should run as far away from kluer as possible as this will probably one shot them. The tank will need over 23k to survive this. Also throughout the fight, the boss will keep stacking a debuff on the tank that lowers their max hp. There is no way to stop this other than killing him. If your hp gets about to 19k, I would start running from the AoE as it might one shot you as well. Also once a while, Kluer will send an earthquake at one person. When they get hit with it, they are not able to move. Make sure to pay as much attention as you can during this fight and he will go down easy. Once you have downed him you have finally finished Forgotten Prison!

If there is anything that the people who have beat Forgotten Prison want to add, just let me know and I will add it in.

[Guide]Forgotten Prison(In progress-Still Usable) Pbucket
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[Guide]Forgotten Prison(In progress-Still Usable)
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