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 IR Strategy BLUE

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PostSubject: IR Strategy BLUE   IR Strategy BLUE EmptyThu Dec 22, 2011 10:06 pm

IR Strategy BLUE Ir_str10

All talk will be under the assumption we start from the East (Right)

So to the basics:
What kind of war is this? It is a king of the hill sort of war. For those unfamiliar with it, you either:
get to the hill first and defend it from any and everyone
you get there second kick the first person off and proceed to defend.

What this means is you can technically win the war without killing a single person.

The crescents are the 4 mines and continuously give off resources after captured. North and south orange circles are refineries. After capture resources must be manually carried to the base from these points.

Let me reiterate....

Mines: Continuously give resources while unattended
Refineries: give resources ONLY when transported

Mines >>>> Refineries

When resources are gathered, the cannons are charged. When the cannons are fully charged they automatically fire upon the enemy base. The cannons charging, firing, and destroying the enemy base are all flashy smoke and mirrors. When it comes down to the basics, the game is all about collecting the required resources before the enemy does.

The mines and refineries rest on the upper levels accessible only by ramps. Enemy facing ramps are marked by Red X's, friendly X's are marked by Orange X's

Blue arrows denote possible paths from enemy base. They can either go up the ramps or bypass and attempt to attack from behind. There is a straight way path from the center of one base to the other that goes in between the ramps and mines. This is a quick way to flank the enemy or route retreating foes.

Before War prep:
Squad leaders: must be set up before hand, and jobs designated and handed out.
In 30 v 30 we will have 5 leaders, and each one should know what they're doing. Leaders at the minimum should read this guide.
Furthermore, they should have an idea of what their jobs during the war will be and know how to direct their squad. Squad members will be briefed by leads on their roles.
Last note, while having this map open all the time is redundant and possibly detrimental with alt tabbing, everyone should know the basic lay out for the map. Geography is essential in any war. A general consensus seems to be that Mine 1 is NW, Mine 2 is NE, Mine 3 is SW and Mine 4 is SE. North and South refineries are labeled, and each one should be known so as to help direct people to important hotspots.
Every mine has 2 exits, a ramp to lower level, and a road to the refinery (which leads to the other mine) Every refinery has 3 paths, 1 that leads to both mines, and 2 paths to the lower level, one north one south. These paths are round about and far from the base exits so are not used except for flanking. Be wary of these.

Communication: There must always be communication between everyone, however because this is more detrimental than helpful, communication will be limited to between squads and squad leaders. In other words, Squad leader 1 - 5 can converse and plan, and each lead can talk to his or her own squad. This can be accomplished with 2 VOIP programs, possibly both done in raidcall. If not, skype, or another suitable voice chat program should suffice.

IR Strategy BLUE Ir_com11

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Posts : 261
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Character Name: Kokurai_
Level: 70+
Class: Mage

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PostSubject: Quick Early Game   IR Strategy BLUE EmptyThu Dec 22, 2011 10:35 pm

IR Strategy BLUE Overvi10
J-Hook Strategy

In a 5 squad IR, 2 squads are sent to each side (North and South) to secure mines 2 and 4. This is not so much to secure as it is to assess the enemy's strength and direction.

Speed is of the essence. Even against a stronger team, if we can control the mines we can slow them down and wittle away at them. Teams must be set up quickly, and ready to go before the gates open. When gates open, people should be going teleporting in, gaining their bearings with squad, and leaving immediately.

After determining enemy's direction, defensive forces shall be moved to the other side and proceed to take control of the second mine in that area. For instance, if the enemy moves south, both north mines will be taken, or vice versa. This will allow for the entire guild to support and fend off any attack minus dps squad(s). Meanwhile, attacking forces will be sent to slow down enemy's movements.

In the event that the enemy splits their forces, or is easily routed, both 2 and 4 will be secured before pushing back defensive lines to 1 and 3, and we will proceed to hold all 4 mines.

Defensive Team:
After one full side is taken, transporters will proceed to take resources from the refinery to our base.

Offensive Team:
Offensive squads should cause the enemy to lose their resources, and rather than take control, focus on resetting all mines before attempting to steal. In other words, set the ownership bars to center for both mines and refineries before attempting to take control. For example, imagine 4 world bosses being taken down at once. We are fighting 2, the enemy is fighting 2. Offensive team should take down the team fighting one and instead of try to fight the wb, move onto the next one and let them reset then leave, waiting to ambush them when they return or to reinforce our defenses in case the enemy tries to do the same.

Transport teams: Can be broken up to the leader's discretion. While 1 transporter is slow, it is heavily protected by 5 other members where as 6 transporters deliver faster, but have almost no protection.

Splitting up the teams is up to the discretion of the leaders. One possible method is to have 2 defensive and 1 offensive team. One transport team to manage transporting resources from the refinery to the base. The last team can be similar to a midfielder in soccer. Both offensive and defensive depending what the situation calls for. Offensive teams can be called to defend if absolutely necessary, but it is often a good idea to use diversionary tactics to split the enemy's forces.

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PostSubject: Re: IR Strategy BLUE   IR Strategy BLUE EmptyThu Dec 29, 2011 10:03 pm

Just wanted to say I've read it and I like the new info you added Razz
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PostSubject: Re: IR Strategy BLUE   IR Strategy BLUE Empty

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IR Strategy BLUE
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